Robert S. Ridgely

5 – 8 mar 2016

Terrific birding with Martin Schaefer, Jocotoco’s newly installed Excecutive Director, and David Agro, now serving as president. Also Mr. Bradstreet and Francisco Sornoza, plus the terrific staff headed up by Byron Pyglla as a great crew! We knew we were in for a good visit when, having just entered the reserve at Quebrada de los Muertos, Martin saw a female MOUNTAIN TAPIR and we proceed to watch it for a half hour. Next day I wanted to see how the road to Zumba was after all the construction, and the answer has to be: not all that great, with massive erosion and landslides.

Not pretty. We saw most of the special birds, including a fantastic MARANON CRESCENTCHEST and even a bird view of a TATAUPA TINAMOU. Next day the goal was the Rio Numbala Road beyong Tapala, and that was a big success: the road has been much improved and now is possible even without a 4-wheel vehicle.

Forest habitat ruled the scene, with highlights: STRAW-BACKED TNAGER (1 Km. before Tapala) and a pair of ECUADORIAN GRAYTAILS, SPECTACLE PRICKLETAIL. That area is rich avifauna and we (JOCOTOCO)may make a move lower there. Birders are strongly encouraged to spend a day there!