Programs and Services

Custom-made services: The new travelers’ trend is to schedule their itineraries according to their own interests. Thus, we are flexible in arranging tailored tours for our visitors.

We offer not only lodging, but also unique experiences, moments that will challenge the way you see and understand the world. We firmly believe that the keys of traveling are experiences and details that make every journey unforgettable.

Most of our service staff come from local communities, and are competent in providing a high quality service, following safety standards.

We also have an office in Quito for sales, scheduling and coordinating of our trips.

All Inclusive Programs
These packages have fixed itineraries and departing dates. However, you can book one of these packages all year round. You can choose one of the following programs according to you interests and the experience you want to live:

  1. South Ecuador – The Jocotoco circuit!!
  2. Cloud Forest & Chocó
  3. East slopes and Amazon- rain forest
  4. Yanacocha and Antisana

Tailored Tours
These tours are designed to fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations. Tours can be arranged according to your interests, time and budget. These tours might be shared.
In these tours, you will be able to arrange your own schedule, choosing your preferred destinies and the length of your visit. These tours are more private.

Independent Services
Includes lodging, food, and reserve entrance services that we offer in all our lodges.

  • Casa Simpson – Reserve Tapichalaca
  • Umbrellabird Lodge – Reserve Buenaventura
  • Urraca Lodge – Reserve Jorupe
  • Canandé Lodge – Reserve Río Canandé

Special Offer
We offer a 10% discount on lodging fares if you book with us until 31 July 2016, for the launching of Jocotours website! Please notify us about this offer when booking.

Volunteering for Jocotours

  • Research Projects (volunteering)
    We provide a superb opportunity for those that like traveling and making and enduring contribution to local people and nature, as a trip with us will not will not only visit memorable places but allows you to contribute to protecting them. Your visit will help us pass on the global relevance of these places, provide income support to local communities, and assist us in raising local people’s awareness about protecting and managing these reserves for future generations.
  • Volunteering Program
    Volunteering with us will let you contribute in the following topics:Tourism:
    – Operations and Logistics
    – Group managing and Guiding
    – Customer Service
    – Maintenance and Cleaning
    – Paperwork
    Conservation and Environment:
    – Waste Management
    – Signposting
    – Reforestation
    – Environmental Projects
  • Requirements for volunteering programs:
    Minimum volunteering period is 1 month, and at least basic Spanish knowledge is needed.