Yanacocha Reserve

Located in the Pichincha Province, behind the Pichincha Volcano, near the city of Quito, Nono

  • Elevation: 3200-3700 msnm
  • Ecosystems: Montane high Evergreen forest, Polylepis forest, Paramo
  • Zoogeographic floor: Altoandino
  • Area: 1200 ha.

How to get?

From the Occidental/Mariscal Sucre way, north of Quito, you must take the road to Nono (Av. Mena del Hierro) now called Paseo del Quinde Ecoroute. For the first few kilometers the road is paved but later becomes paved with rocks. Approximately 10 kilometers from the Av. Occidental, several kilometers before reaching Nono, on the left you will find a big sign of Jocotoco, a door that allows entry to the road leading to the reserve Foundation. This road is at the left and crosses a farm. From here, you should take this road for 10 kilometers following the signs of the foundation. 2 kilometers before reaching Reserve is a house of the EMAAP-Quito that must cross to go to the gatehouse.

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