Utuana Reserve

Located in Loja province, Cariamanga – Utuana way.

  • Elevation: 2500-2700msnm
  • Ecosystems: Mist montane Forest
  • Zoogeographic floor: Tropical southwest
  • Area: 250 ha.

How to get?

From Macará city, take the Macará-Sozoranga-Utuana way. They are approximately 50 minutes of travel by private transport. Reaching the town of Utuana there is a dirt road on your right where you will find a sign of the Jocotoco foundation after no more than 300 meters. From here, to your right hand you can enter to the reserve.

From the city of Loja, go to the village of Catamayo and then continues to the city of Cariamanga (103 Km). From there, take towards to the west to the town of Utuana; Reserve almost adjoins the town of Utuana. Follow the instructions here previously written.

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