Narupa Reserve

It is located in the Napo Province, Cantón Archidona, next to the Loreto road.

  • Elevation: 1000-1580 msnm
  • Ecosystems: Montane evergreen forest (1000-1300msnm), Montane low evergreen forest (>1300msnm
  • Zoogeographic floor: Subtropical
  • Area: 1.455 ha.

How to get?

Narupa reserve is approximately 4 hours of Quito. To get there take the road Papallacta-Baeza-Cosanga, go through the Cordillera of Macaws up to the Y that divides the path to Tena and the Coca route. Take the Loreto – Coca way. They are 17 km. To the river Hollín Chico, 300 meters before crossing the bridge over the Hollín Chico River, you will find the entrance to the reserve. In this curve is not much space for vehicles, the best option to park is continue the road to the restaurant Susanita, the have large parking area. Here you can buy tickets to the reserve. From the entrance you can walk along a network of trails.
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