Antisanilla Reserve

Antisanilla Reserve is located in the surroundings of Antisana volcano. Pichincha province.

  • Elevation: 3500-4000 msnm
  • Ecosystems: Paramo
  • Zoogeographic floor: Paramo
  • Area: 4.500 ha.

How to get?

From Quito: To reach Antisanilla Reserve take the way to the Valley of the Chillos, it continues along the San Luis Shopping Mall until the circle El Colibrí round-a-bout.  In this round-a-bout take the route to the airport. In approximately 10 minutes you will come to another round-a-bout with options for the airport and for Pintag; take the road to Pintag. Cross the town and take the only way up to the Antisanilla reserve and Antisana Ecological Reserve.

Opening hours: 7:00AM to 3:30PM. Please contact us prior your visit.

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