We welcome all visitors interested in conservation, birdwatching or tropical ecology to visit our modern and comfortable ecolodges.

You will have a magical experience with us while visiting the Tumbesian dry forests, the lush Andes, and the wet Chocó at its best. You will discover a wide array of natural landscapes and ecosystems. We ensure you a personalized service in a warm environment.

Who we are?

We are a Ecuadorian company stablished to promote Ecuador’s natural richness. We aim to offer high quality services, prime and tailored, in a comfortable and welcoming environment for our visitors.

Jocotours is an ecotourism operator that promotes birdwatching and nature trips in Ecuador, offering a wide assortment of tours, supporting at the same time conservation projects carried out by Jocotoco Foundation.

We operate  15 ecological reserves where we offer:

  • Birdwatching & nature trips
  • Great photography opportunities for begginers
  • Visit our forest trails and night escursions
  • Self-guided trails and rest areas
  • Some of world’s most active hummingbird feeders!
  • Leks and blinds for bird & mammal watching
  • Picnic & camping areas
  • Lodging and delicious food services
  • Reading & social areas

Overall, Jocotoco’s reserves protect 950 bird species, of which more than 105 have limited distribution ranges (are endemic), and are globally threatened. Furthermore, some large mammals species are also recorded, including Spectacled Bear, Andean Tapir, Puma, Jaguar, primates (Howling, Spider and Capuchin). For more information, please visit: www.fjocotoco.org