Jocotours is an ecotourism operator that promotes birdwatching in Ecuador, offering a wide assortment of bird observation and nature tours, supporting at the same time conservation projects carried out by Jocotoco Foundation.



Jocotours offers its visitors first-class lodging in restful cabins and rooms equipped with private baths and hot water; our menus are astounding and very nutritive, prepared with the highest sanitary standards by local people we have trained. You will be capable to get deep into bewildering places during your walks through forest trails, observe many bird species, watch other fauna and flora, and more.

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Jocotoco’s reserves protect 850 bird species, of which more than 100 have limited distribution ranges (are endemic), and more than 50 species are globally threatened. Furthermore, some large mammals species are also

recorded, including Spectacled Bear, Andean Tapir, Puma, Jaguar, primates

(Howling, Spider and Capuchin).

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Jocotours offers its visitors another options for tours in Ecuador and Galápagos.

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